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This is a lightweight soft fabric 50% polyester 25% Cotton 25% Rayonne. All shirts come with custom tags and care labels.


This shirt has it's own acronym, definition and makes a powerful statement!!


This shirt is for anyone who believes in being supportive to others, building community, or being authentic and true to their own artistry/passions and not afraid to put it out there for the world to see with no apologies or fears! If you're not Spit Dat than you're the Antonym of that like the shirt says Defeated, Fragmented, Fake, Phoney, or Hating. 


So Spit Dat and grab this shirt!


Unisex "Spit Dat Navy Blue V Neck" T-Shirt

  • All sales are final but we do offer an online credit for future orders!

  • This shirt is soft light weight & cool to wear in the summer time a cotton polyester, and rayonne blend!

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