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This is a lightweight fabric 100% cotton. All shirts come with custom tags and care labels.


This shirt is for anyone who has been misunderstood like me and doesn't give energy to people who aren't being real.


You see i only vibe with people who has pure genuine intentions and because of that i come across as being mean but, I don't smile with the people i believe to be fake! This shirt is also a great conversation piece when you're out and  about it'll also do you a favor by running off the one's who has bad motives/intentions towards you!


So grab this shirt  it'll definitely keep away the snakes!!



Unisex "Genuine People" T-Shirt

Color: Black with Gold Lettering
  • All sales are final but we do offer an online credit for future orders!

  • This shirt is light weight & cool to wear in the summer time!


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