Ceramic Mug

Size: 11oz

Starts off black and changes to white with a hot beverage


This mug is a great reminder to set the tone of your morning by being intentional and setting up your day for success!


Long lasting great for at the office or at home with your favorite hot beverage such as Coffee, Tea, or Coco. Enjoy watching this mug transform from black to white revealing "ISOM" on the front and an inspiring message on the back. This mug is basically 2 mugs in one when your drink is hot it turns white and when your drink turns cold it changes back to black never be surprised again by your hot beverage turning cold because the mug will indicate that for you!


Intentional State Of Mind is for the goal getter and the person who wants to accomplish their dreams and desires. It's for the person who believes in themselves and knows that they can have anything they put their minds to doing and isn't afraid to "DREAM BIG"!

Intentional State Of Mind (ISOM) Color Changing Mug

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