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M.A. - Ep: 21 Ep: 22 Ep: 23 & Ep:24

Marc Alexander, or better known as M.A., is an emerging hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter originating from Port Allen, Louisiana. Starting from the young age of eleven, M.A. has been doing music. Developing his sound and style, M.A. is ready to show the world what he is made of. With over 20 years of experience in music, The Louisiana native seeks to become an influential voice in the hip-hop community and garner success through his sound. M.A. is the next artist to watch. M.A. is set to leave his footprint in the music scene with his powerful messages, and hard-hitting music. Be sure to follow him on FB at Marc-Anthony Alexander and on Ig @blakkmarc5

Visuals Ep: 17 Ep:18 Ep: 19

& Ep: 20 

 Jaylen Dauphin is an up and coming hip-hop artist from the 337 area who goes by the stage name Visuals.  He was born on August 7, 2000 on the north side of Lafayette, Louisiana . He enjoys creating personal music that express his life in different hip hop melodies. He feel as though his sound compliments the new and old styles of rap/ hip hop music. He recently dropped his second EP “Hear Me Out” and it is streaming on all platforms now! 

Social media- 
Twitter: Visuals_jd
Facebook-Jaylen Dauphin or Visualsmusicjd

Humble Jow Ep: 13 Ep: 14 

Ep: 15 & 16

A chosen vessel called out of darkness to deliver a powerful message to the masses. A young man ”Brandon Spriggs" born in TEXAS raised in LOUISIANA with a strong passion for GOD, people, and music. Facing many adversities in life GOD gave him the ability to translate those experiences into beautiful music that touches the soul. What started as drumming in church turned into writing poetry which transformed into a worldwide movement called “JUST LISTEN." Humble Jow continues to grow in his relationship with GOD resulting in him answering to the call to spread the gospel to the entire world. Follow him on IG & FB @humblejow for whats up and coming!

S_ JAY Ep: 9 PT. 1 & 2

Ep: 10 Ep: 11 Ep: 12

S_JayOnpoint (S_Jay) Began working with a group (Durio Family) during his high school years. Like most stories, his true journey  begin after tragedy struck. One year into college his father passed away. S_Jay’s father  was very supportive of his musical endeavors and his passing inspired S_Jay to work harder .With full support of his family and becoming a father S_Jay left college and began to pursue music full time. The ever ambitious S_Jay’s  Music can be described as a musical gumbo, due to the mixture of subject matter on each project. This separates him from others, due to the fact that he represents a true balance. In 2013 S_Jay inked a production deal with OnPointProduktionz and has successfully released two albums titled “I Am S.Jay” and “Press Play Vol.1”
In 2019 he was awarded SouthernTea’s  “Hip-Hop Artist of the year “ and released  an album Titled “From Me 2 You” which is arguably one of the most complete albums to come out of 337 to date. Be sure 
to tune into his music streaming now on all digital online stores such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Amazon plus more! Follow him on IG @s_jayonpoint and on FB at Jerren Malbrue for what's up and coming! 

Prime Nasti is an up and coming raw hip-hop artist from Houston TX, That loves skate boarding and that will deliver bars every time he touches the mic. If you're a fan of authentic hip-hop music with a message be sure to tune into his music streaming now on all digital online stores such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Amazon plus more!! Be sure to follow him on IG and FB @primenasti for what's up and coming!!

Prime Nasti Ep: 4 PT.1 & 2

Ep: 5 & 8


Simmone Higganbotham

& Pam Vessell- Ep: 19



New PHOENIX & Company * ("Phoenix & Co")  a leading subscription company in the south. Phoenix & Co product portfolio includes  skincare,  cosmetics, empowerment tools, fragrance and health and wellness products, featuring iconic brands , as well as fashion and accessories. Phoenix & Co.'s future is empowering women through empowerment, education and inspiration, and the company also proudly supports efforts to end breast cancer and domestic violence.

Phoenix & Co takes a multi-disciplinary approach by filling subscription bags with self-help items, makeup, skincare and health and wellness products that are high quality and highly appealing to today’s women of color. Our innovation is grounded in today’s research and  trends, personal and mental health needs, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of what a diverse woman of color wants. This allows Phoenix & Co to secure products that address a woman of color  needs both locally and globally, as one size definitely does not fit all.

 Phoenix & Co five values and guiding principles will serve as sources of strength for the company's founders and will for decades to come.

Belief is the cornerstone of empowering women to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. Believe in someone — and show it — and that person will move mountains to prove you’re right.

Integrity should be the hallmark of every woman. In setting and observing the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing. We live by a moral code that creates a sense of responsibility, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to Phoenix and Co, but  the world's women of color.

Respect helps us to value differences, to appreciate each woman for her unique qualities. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of each woman.


The Founding Principles that Guide Phoenix & Co:

• To provide women of color 40-59 years old an opportunity to learn to embrace  well-being and happiness.

• To serve women of color with products of the highest quality backed by a guarantee of satisfaction.

• To render a service  that is outstanding in its helpfulness and courtesy.

• To give full recognition to women of color, on whose contributions the world depends

• To share with others the rewards of growth and success.

• To meet fully the obligations of corporate citizenship by contributing to the well-being of society and the environment in which it functions. 

• To maintain and cherish the friendly spirit of Phoenix & Co 

Be sure to follow them on IG @phoe_nixco




Quintessa Nicole- Ep: 17

Quintessa Edwards is a mother first to her beautiful, blessing baby girl Brielle.  Brielle meaning "Woman of God. God is my strength!" (There's a story behind the meaning.) She's also salon owner/operator of BeYoutiful Tresses hair salon located in Carencro, LA. BeYoutiful Tresses salon was born in March 2015. Quintessa loves to help females, especially tween girls, feel BeYoutiful in their own skin. Because society has SO many limits on what you should or should not look like. Being plus-sized her whole life, Quintessa struggled from insecurities.  It wasn't until the year 2015 when another plus-sized woman reached out to her to do a "Curve" photoshoot.  Since then, her CONFIDENCE blew out of the roof! Throughout the years, Quintessa has worked with other photographers, did runway shows, mentored tween girls and is currently a contestant for Miss Full-figured USA Louisiana.  Quintessa strives daily to spread POSITIVE vibes only! And to promote SELF-LOVE because it's the BEST love! And ultimately, it starts with everything in your life.. Follow her on Facebook: BeYoutiful Tresses and Instagram: so_ladii_like85 



Ebony Wilridige & Terrica Turner - Ep: 16

We are the proud new owner's of Center for Thriving Families LLC. CFTF LLC is a behavioral health service provider agency that provides a comprehensive array of high quality mental and behavioral health services and therapies that combat psychological, social, traumatic, emotional, and environmental factors that contribute to mental illness amongst children and families. Be sure to follow them on IG & FB @centerforthrivingfamiliesllc


Ebony Wilridge

Masters of Social Work

Functional Family Therapist


Terrica Turner

Bachelor of Science

Functional Family Therapist


Brandy Landry - Ep: 15

Brandy is an entrepreneur with a passion for people, interior design, and developing strong personal brands for entrepreneurs. 


Brandy channels over 15 years of creative direction, leadership, and communications experience into all that she does.  Brandy attended The University of Southwest Louisiana where she initially majored in Elementary Education, later changing her major to Business Administration. After being involved in a life-altering automobile accident and undergoing extensive surgery and hospitalization, Brandy discovered a love for the medical field. She changed the entire direction of her educational focus which resulted in a degree in the medical field. She spent a tenure that spanned over 10 years in various positions in the corporate medical sector prior to launching two successful companies of her own.


Brandy is the Owner and Founder of iBrandYOU360, a Personal Brand Strategy Firm for Entrepreneurs, and Brandy Landry Interiors, an Interior Design Firm that specializes in Residential New Construction and Workspace Development.  In the interior design world, Brandy is known for her creative vision and dedication to functionality and aesthetics in all of her designs. Brandy possesses an extensive project portfolio to include celebrities, businesses, and a host of other residential remodels and new development interior design projects. Most recently, Brandy received recognition for designing the Center of Hope Opportunity and Success for Lafayette Housing Authority. This multifunctional center provides the residents of the housing authority access to computers, a reading space, and smart board media access. It also serves as a space for internal professional development for the LHA staff and GED classes.  


Not only is Brandy known for her ability to design interiors, she is also widely known for her ability to develop and design PEOPLE! Yes! PEOPLE.  Brandy is a Personal Branding and Communication Strategist for entrepreneurs, millennial entrepreneurs in particular.  Brandy loves working with millennial entrepreneurs due to her remembering what it was like not having access to a “Brandy Landry” when she was a millennial treading entrepreneurial water for the first time. iBrandYOU 360  has enjoyed steady growth since its inception, and Brandy credits much of that success to her amazing innate ability to “connect” with people.  


Brandy is also a frequently sought after public speaker whose speaking platform typically consists of speaking on topics ranging from ‘The Power of The Personality in Business’ to ‘Challenging the Status Quo’ as it relates to Changing the Face of  Traditional Business. To connect with Brandy be sure to follow her on IG & FB @brandy_landry_interiors


Remiah Trask - Ep: 14

Hey, I'm Remiah Trask, the CEO of Design Baton Rouge, an award-winning web design & marketing agency in Louisiana. I am also an Amazon best selling author with my book "You Can Build A Freaking Amazing Website, even if you have zero creative ability".


I come from a long lineage of entrepreneurs. Both of my grandfathers, as well as my grandmother, were entrepreneurs. Consequently, my mom and dad are also entrepreneurs. Needless to say, I was basically destined for entrepreneurship.


I straight up slipped into the creative world on accident. A friend of mine needed a website built for his wife’s organization; since I had taken a few college courses that required me to build websites, I decided to give it a shot. Shortly after, my wife convinced me that I was pretty good and that maybe I could make a business out of it. I put together a $300 web design package and went out “door to door” selling and I closed two deals on the first day. I have not looked back since!!

In 2010, I officially *launched* a Web Design & Marketing Agency, Design Baton Rouge, and began consistently growing the business and expanding our services. I now have a passion to help *other* entrepreneurs to start, brand, grow, and LOVE their businesses by applying the exact formula that I used. To connect with Remiah be sure to follow him on FB & IG @remiahtrask


Nathaniel T. Moore - Ep: 11

From Passion & Ideas To Busy Every Weekend Exclusive Mobile Interview With Creator and Designer Cotessa Nichole!
Click View More To Watch Full Mobile Interview

Cotessa Nichole - Ep: 6

Nathaniel is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of MCIG, a holding company that acquires struggling companies in the childcare and healthcare industry, with several locations serving 1000's of families. Nathaniel rose to prominence in the early-2000's buying and selling real estate at the age of 19. After finding early success in real estate, Nathaniel then acquired his first business at the age of 22, taking the company from 1 location to 10 locations and revenues in the multi-millions. Nathaniel is also the founder and coach of yMoore a personal development company that helps leaders find clarity, direction, and purpose. Nathaniel also mentors over 200 business owners, executives, and leaders through a private mastermind group, where its focus is to help build self-confidence, gain clarity, gain more purpose while building new relationships through personal development principles created by Nathaniel. Nathaniel also serves as a board/advisory member of Louisiana Family Forum, a firm that persuasively presents biblical principles in the centers of influence on issues affecting the family through research, communication, and networking. To connect with Nate be sure to follow him on IG @nathanieltmoorefan
It all started about 10 years ago with just passion and ideas. One day Cotessa decided to jump and take a leap of faith by asking family and friends if she could do their events. As time went on so did her belief and once she was comfortable with her ability to create she started expanding her services to strangers by telling everyone what she does. So when Cotessa would find out that someone was having an event, she would reach out to them and ask them if she could do their event for experience to build her portfolio. Since then the word about her one of a kind events has spread like wildfire and have expanded to over 30 cities in Louisiana and she is booked and busy almost every weekend in the month. From  Southwest Louisiana to Southeast which encompasses areas from New Orleans to Lake Charles. Cotessa expects to expand her horizons by stepping into new waters in Northern Louisiana as well as interstate. “It's amazing to see the joy on the clients face when they enter their event, It takes a lot of Praying, Sacrifice, Patience and Consistency to be successful in this profession, but i really enjoys planning and creating new ideas”. Cotessa has set herself apart by creating luxury themed experiences for any type of event, gathering, or party her goal is to travel and create events all over the country! To know more about Cotessa you can find her on FB at Cotessa Nichole Events and on IG @cotessanicholeevents
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Keith Beauchamp - Ep: 5

Keith Beauchamp is an award winning Investigative filmmaker, host of the Injustice Files on ID Channel, and the Creator of the Untold Story of Emmett Luis Till Documentary. Born and raised in the south of Baton Rouge, La at the tender age of 10 years old Keith saw the deceased body of 14 year old Emmett Luis Till on the front page of a magazine. Little did he know that was the start of his journey and the Emmett Till story would become a part of his life in more ways than one. Be sure to tune in now to Season 3 Episode 5 "Interview with Keith Beauchamp" As he discusses how he started filmmaking, why and how the Emmett Till Documentary was created, his personal encounter with racism as a teen, his up and coming Emmett Till Movie with Whoopi Goldberg plus more! To know more about Keith you can find him on FB at Keith Beauchamp and on IG @keithbeauchamp1955
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.44.14 PM.png


Ep:4 PT. 1 & 2

Abelardo Guerrero AKA "Mr.G" is the author of the book titled "My Journey With Dr. Sebi" and was a dear good friend and photographer of the late Dr. Sebei. He befriended Dr. Sebi on his quest to get help to cure his sister's Lupus. Not only did his sister get cured but he also got a beloved friend and mentor out of the journey. Be sure to tune in now to Season 3 Episode 4 Pt. 1 & 2 "Historical Interview with Abelardo Guerrero pt. 1 and 2" As he goes into details about his book, how Dr. Sebi Cured his sister's Lupus, & the Documentary he's working on with Nick Cannon plus more! To know more about Mr. G you can find him on IG @mrgphotos1
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.59.59 PM.png

Valerie Gotch Garrett

Ep: 2

Valerie Gotch Garrett is an Attorney who is born and raised in Lafayette, La. Her office is located in the heart of Lafayette, La and has been servicing her community for 26 plus years she has a passion for justice, a passion for people, and is dedicated to fairness and justice. Tune in now to Season 3 Episode 2 "Mobile Interview with Attorney Valerie Gotch Garrett" As she goes into depth about her up bringing, her career, the importance of voting, and her plans for running for District Court Judge Division B 2020 plus more! To know more about Valerie you can find her on FB at Valerie Gotch Garrett and on IG @valerie4judge.
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