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 "Reminding People To Tap Into Their Own Inner Powers & Strengths To Do, Create, and Become" 

1 Sound 1 Scene Podcast formerly known as 1 Lafayette Radio Music Station founded by Lane Marie July 24, 2018 hosted by herself and Daisha Nicole was born simply to add an extra leg of support in the local community of Lafayette, La and the surrounding areas. Coming from an entrepreneurial business background as a realtor with a background in music and a Bachelor degree in Music Business, as well as the Co founder of Semaj Music Group a local Independent Record label what better way to bridge the two worlds together and offer a unique environment to support it all via podcasting. Since starting, the show has built up exposure in over 63 countries and 275 cities worldwide and still growing each week. The podcast is available on worldwide platforms such as Stitcher, Apple Podcast, Youtube, Spotify,, ITunes, and Google Play. 1 Sound 1 Scene features independent music, local businesses/organizations, as well as important topics of encouragement and awareness everyone can learn from and/or relate to. Always advocating on behalf of local independents, a passion for ownership, and the belief that you do what you’re passionate about and make a living from it the motto "Aspire, Inspire, & Pour into Others" was born. At that time the idea sparked to put the motto on a t-shirt to encourage others to do the same and it became a demand so we believe that you give the people what they want and thats how the 1 Sound 1 Scene Wear came to life. 

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